Happiness really isn’t pure luck - it’s having the right people around you.

When you truly understand how to start and keep up a conversation with a stranger or that person you know from work, you will be the main character of your life.

Even If you don’t have any friends or no professional network around you, this book can truly change you life - all the more If you start at the very bottom.

People Like You!
Karla Nieminen Author photograph: Kari Hautala

Do you want to be popular?

Hi, my name is Karla, and I want to present to you my well-liked book on how to make new acquaintances, find new friends and attract people to you. If you want to know all this, then read sample of my book for free!

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This book is created for you if...

You want to form more friendships
You want to learn how to make an impactful first impression
You want to meet new people
You want to become better at flirting
You want advice to find a partner
You want to have a great business network

The feedback from those who had read “People like you: A Guide to Fulfilling Relationships and Social Success”


I read your book. It was good. I was amazed by the way you write. So easy to understand and really concrete. I`ll have my daughter read your book, so that she could understand how to network and make new friends at an early age of her life! So thank you, for putting your breakthrough on paper and sharing it – Karla, you are brilliant. 🙂

p.s. I found a new friend after reading your book by joining a new community… Yay!”

This book gives you...

The ability to make a great first impression
Improvement on your communication skills
Good basis to crush job interviews successfully
The skill to make friends anywhere, anytime
Tips on how to get to know your crush
Skills on how to improve your professional networks

What will you learn?

After reading the book, you get skill to

Find new friends

After reading "People like you" you’ll get a full understanding of how to start conversation easily with unknown people and make friends smoothly

Be ready to flirt

Also this book helps a lot in getting a more active dating life: you will be more confident and meet lot of new people ;)

Improve your professional network

You’ll learn the best practices of networking and creating a great atmosphere

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